Sara, Glasgow tattoo apprentice.I paint ugly things.

Instagram: @sararabbit

This is my new home! I’ll be working under the amazing Mr Dom VK and he’s actually TEACHING ME THINGS. I’m a very lucky bunny for the opportunity, a lot of people don’t get one apprenticeship and I’m now on my third. Not through choice, mind. But yeah, hopefully I’ll be happy here and I’m so happy to be progressing again!

I won’t be tattooing for a wee while as we’re getting the shop up and running, plus I want to focus on properly learning as opposed to once again being handed a machine and let go. But go like our shop page on Facebook, facebook.com/pearlinktattoos or pop in to see us, we’re in Tollcross in Glasgow and we’re a happy bunch! Thanks guys!
  • 11 May 2014
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